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Mission Statement

The North Coast Section fosters, defines and preserves the role of athletics in secondary education.  It is an organization committed to providing a wholesome environment in which educational athletics will thrive.

It is the Section's purpose to serve student-athletes and spectators, to encourage students to reach their potential within the context of the available resources, organizational limits and equity of competition.

With this in mind, the following are presented as broad goals to give direction to the operation of the North Coast Section.


GOAL 1           To foster educational athletics as in integral component of secondary education in California.

            OBJECTIVES ‑           

  1. To foster positive attitudes in participants and spectators.
  2. To establish a framework for the ethical conduct of adults involved in the athletic program.
  3. To present North Coast Section goals, objectives and mission statement to leagues as a guide for their own goals and objectives.

GOAL 2.          To provide a system of sports competition for students that is diverse, wholesome, equitable and fair.

            OBJECTIVES ‑

  1. To encourage as many opportunities for individual students as possible.
  2. To encourage athletic opportunity for as many different students as possible.
  3. To align schools as appropriate with established criteria.
  4. To establish seasons of sports, including practice season and playoff components, to provide an opportunity for students to participate in a variety of sports.
  5. To establish a maximum number of contests allowable in each sport.
  6. To establish sectional playoffs for boys' and girls' athletics, according to criteria adopted by the Board of Managers.

GOAL 3.          To support schools, school districts and leagues in their efforts to organize and administer their athletic programs by establishing and enforcing rules, regulations, and procedures for orderly administration of athletic programs.


  1. To maintain a system for due process.
  2. To establish standards of student eligibility for member schools.
  3. To develop alternative levels of discipline for violations of athletic rules.
  4. To establish a set of qualifications for school membership in the North Coast Section.
  5. To establish criteria for listing sports as "approved sports" and to periodically review "approved sports" to determine if they meet stated criteria.
  6. To implement criteria by which to accredit officials' associations.
  7. To develop, consistent with the mission statement of North Coast Section, criteria for procedures and participation beyond the sectional level.
  8. To periodically review NCS staff job descriptions and evaluate performance.
  9. To conduct periodic reviews of the NCS mission statement, goals and objectives.
  10. To establish NCS targets and adjust to current needs.

GOAL 4.          To foster the use of safe techniques, procedures, and equipment in interscholastic athletics.


  1. To set standards for safety and health in the athletic program.
  2. To set standards for safety in the administration of contests in regard to safety, crowd control and sportsmanship.
  3. To enforce criteria by which officials' associations are accredited.

GOAL 5.          To be responsive to the implications of its decisions.


  1. To regularly review and evaluate criteria for classification and alignment.
  2. To provide the optimum value for the money spent to students, schools, school districts, leagues and the section.

GOAL 6.          To provide a system of communications that promotes broad participation in decision‑making, seeking to foster support of and adherence to North Coast Section policies and procedures.


  1. To share information and provide training in the application of California Interscholastic Federation, North Coast Section and league rules for school boards, superintendents, principals, athletic directors, staff and others.
  2. To develop and disseminate a brochure describing the scope and organization of North Coast Section.
  3. To foster communications with communities regarding the educational athletics program.

GOAL 7.          To promote professional standards for all personnel involved in educational athletics.


  1. To establish and disseminate professional ethics for coaches.
  2. To develop criteria by which to accredit officials' associations.
  3. To disseminate and provide training in game rules for coaches, athletic directors, officials and others.
  4. To disseminate and provide training in the application of the C.I.F., North Coast Section, and league rules for principals, athletic directors, staff and others.
  5. To provide leadership and representation to the CIF Federated Council.