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NCS Championships

NCS Championships

2019 DATES
NCS Championship - November 23, 2019
CIF Championship - November 30, 2019

NCS MEET ENTRIES - 2019 entries must be submitted through athletic.net - CLICK HERE TO ENTER TEAMS/INDIVIDUALS


2019 Cross Country Championship Guide - COACHES MUST READ IN ITS ENTIRETY
NCS Preview - by Albert Caruana
Prep Program - Cross Country Edition
Course Map

Hayward HS, Hayward, CA


Division 1 Boys
Division 2 Boys
Division 3 Boys
Division 4 Boys
Division 5 Boys

Division 1 Girls
Division 2 Girls
Division 3 Girls
Division 4 Girls
Division 5 Girls

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Brackets & History

Brackets & History

2018 Results

Division 1 Boys
Division 1 Girls

Division 2 Boys
Division 2 Girls

Division 3 Boys
Division 3 Girls - did not run race due to poor AQI

Division 4 Boys - did not run race due to poor AQI
Division 4 Girls - did not run race due to poor AQI

Division 5 Boys - did not run race due to poor AQI
Division 5 Girls - did not run race due to poor AQI




Top 10 NCS Boys/Girls (Individuals - Hayward HS, 3.0) 
Top 10 NCS Boys/Girls (Ukiah HS, 3.1)
2017 Cross Country Awards Pictures


General Sport Information

General Sport Information

Effective Fall 2018, a maximum of two (2) scrimmages per sport are permissible prior to the first interscholastic contest (league or non-league) of the season.


2019 NFHS Rules Changes
CIF Sports Medicine Handbook
Cross Country Express - by Albert Caruana


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