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North Coast Section Champions





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2019 Amador Valley Granada Campolindo Piedmont Lick Wilmerding
2018 Amador Valley Granada Campolindo* Bishop O'Dowd* Lick Wilmerding*
2017 Dougherty Valley Granada Campolindo Piedmont Lick-Wilmerding
2016 Castro Valley Granada Campolindo Miramonte St. Joseph Notre Dame
2015 Monte Vista Granada Campolindo Piedmont St. Joseph Notre Dame
2014 Monte Vista Redwood Campolindo Piedmont Sonoma Academy
2013 Monte Vista Maria Carrillo Campolindo Arcata Lick-Wilmerding
2012 Granada Maria Carrillo Acalanes Arcata S.F. University
2011 Granada Maria Carrillo  Campolindo Arcata S.F. University 
2010 Granada Washington Campolindo Sir Francis Drake S.F. University 
2009 Monte Vista  College Park  Maria Carrillo Dougherty Valley  S.F. University 
2008 Castro Valley  Livermore Maria Carrillo St. Mary's College  Marin Academy 
2007 Castro Valley  Carondelet Campolindo St. Mary's College  College Prep 
2006 College Park  Carondelet Campolindo Piedmont Crystal Springs Uplands 
2005 College Park Maria Carrillo Miramonte Arcata Crystal Springs Uplands
2004 Castro Valley College Park  Maria Carrillo Bishop O’Dowd S.F. University
2003 Monte Vista College Park Miramonte Piedmont S.F. University
2002 Deer Valley College Park Campolindo Marin Catholic S.F. University
2001 Ukiah Montgomery Campolindo Piedmont S.F. University
2000 Monte Vista Montgomery Campolindo Bishop O’Dowd S.F. University
1999 College Park Antioch Granada St. Mary’s College S.F. University
1998 Santa Rosa Clayton Valley Montgomery Campolindo S.F. University
1997 Clayton Valley Mission San Jose Carondelet Campolindo S.F. University
1996 Santa Rosa Clayton Valley Carondelet Campolindo S.F. University
1995 James Logan Amador Valley Clayton Valley S.F. University Division V was added by the State CIF Federated Council in 1996.
1994 Carondelet Mission San Jose Clayton Valley Miramonte  
1993 James Logan Mission San Jose Clayton Valley Miramonte  
1992 James Logan San Ramon Valley Bishop O’Dowd Ursuline  
1991 Santa Rosa Monte Vista Bishop O’Dowd Ursuline  
1990 Santa Rosa Monte Vista Livermore Piedmont  
  3A (Division I) 2A (Division II) A (Division III) In 1990, the state expanded to four divisions
1989 San Ramon Valley Piedmont Lick-Wilmerding  
1988 California Redwood S.F. University Starting in 1987 the State CIF sponsored the State Cross Country Championships in three divisions. 
1987 California Miramonte S.F. University
  Meet of Champions 3A Champions 2A North Champions 2A South Champions Class A Champions
1986 California California San Rafael Acalanes S.F. University
1985 Acalanes El Cerrito Sir Francis Drake Acalanes S.F. University
1984 San Ramon Valley Monte Vista Redwood Miramonte Crystal Springs Uplands
1983 Piedmont San Ramon Valley Terra Linda Piedmont Fort Bragg
1982 Piedmont Berkeley Eureka Miramonte Fort Bragg
  Meet of Champions 4A Champions 3A Champions 2A Champions Class A Champions
1981 Terra Linda Berkeley Terra Linda Carondelet Fort Bragg
1980 Miramonte San Ramon Valley Sir Francis Drake Miramonte Crystal Springs Uplands
1979 Miramonte El Cerrito Sir Francis Drake Carondelet S.F. University
  Meet of Champions 3A South Champions 3A Central Champions 3A Redwood Empire Champions Class A Champions
1978 Mission San Jose Carondelet Miramonte Sir Francis Drake Fort Bragg
1977 Mission San Jose Mission San Jose Pleasant Hill Montgomery Tamalpais
1976 Granada Bishop O’Dowd   Montgomery Clear Lake
1975 Tamalpais Bishop O'Dowd Granada Tamalpais Clear Lake
1974 Tamalpais        
Special thanks to Albert Caruana, Crystal Springs Uplands School, Jim Crowhurst, Szoz Tes and Brian Purcell for assistance in updating our championship information.

*NCS races were not conducted due to poor AQI. Awards were given based on results of the CIF state meet.


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